Our Beginnings

The Soup Kitchen at George Street United Church was opened in the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre with the support of Kathy LeGrow. Since its inception in January 2002 the Soup Kitchen has fed over 30,000 people without missing a Friday.

Our Future
Thanks to the patronage of Elinor Gill-Ratcliffe and government grant monies, our Soup Kitchen expanded to include a Computer Access Program. In a Needs Assessment, many Soup Kitchen clients said they required computers for job searching and internet/e-mail access. A seniors’ focus group also indicated a need for computer access.

Husky Breakfast Program

Husky volunteers on hand for breakfast on February 8th. presented  a sponsorship cheque  to the Programs Coordinator.  This funding will be used for the program delivery.. This year Husky has offered to fund and provide volunteers for the entire 52 weeks.of 2018.

We are currently offering a “hot breakfast” every Monday Morning for the winter months (January-March) from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM.  Husky Energy continues to serve as the corporate sponsor and provides both financial support and volunteers . All are welcome!

Our Sponsors
Through the generous support of sponsors, we are able to provide a hot, nutritious meal to 150 – 180  people weekly.  We sincerely thank all our volunteers, as well as our corporate and individual sponsors for their continued support:

How You Can Help The Jimmy Pratt Memorial Soup Kitchen @ George Street United Church:

  • volunteer in the Soup Kitchen on Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. or help in our Breakfast Program, Mondays from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  • become a  sponsor of the Outreach program
  • remember a loved one by giving a special gift to the outreach centre
  • become a fundraising volunteer
  • volunteer as a parking lot attendant for events at Mile 1. One evening has the potential to raise $400… that can make a lot of soup!

Contact our Office at 726-8775



Each Friday throughout the year, George Street United Church offers a hot lunch to those individuals in the downtown core of St. John’s who are less fortunate.   This service is available at George Street, thanks to a very generous gift from Kathleen (Pratt) LeGrow, as a memorial to her brother, and through other corporate donations and sponsorship.  One of our major sponsors, who have supported the outreach centre since its beginning, is Manna European Bakery &  Deli.

Since the “Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre” opened its doors for the first time on Sunday, 23 December 2001, its success has been in no small part thanks to the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers from George Street and other St. John’s Congregations.

On Friday’s the “Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre” is open from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM and during this period, the Centre often serves up to 100 meals.  In addition to the meal, our volunteers spend some time with the centre visitors in conversation and fellowship.   If they so choose, the visitors can also spend some time in our “Friendship Corner” where they can relax and watch some TV or a video and perhaps even spend a little time “surfing the internet”.


Volunteer’s Creed

Though my battles and my worries
Are sometimes all that I can see,
Still I always must remember;
Life’s not only about me.

Other souls are also hurting,
And I know that it’s God’s plan,
To reach out to help another;
To extend to them my hand.

With this purpose as my focus,
To be a comfort to a friend,
All my troubles and my worries
Seem to fade out in the end.

It is one of God’s true lessons,
How my walk is meant to be;
True happiness I find
When life’s not only about me.