Grateful Support

 Andrew Rowe, has written a book called The Yoga of Strength, a story of a young man’s journey to know himself.  He is using a new type of publishing system – a public type system whereby people pre-order his book and if he gets the correct number of sales, his book gets promoted to a couple of larger publishers.  The purpose in telling you all of this is that Andrew, having been a Jimmy Pratt Centre volunteer, and the great work of JPMOC Andrew is donating 3% of the sales of his books to the Centre

We would like to encourage you to purchase a copy of the book online for only $13.00.  Any and all sales count so please pass on the information to anyone who would be interested in your respective networks– he has until August 31st to get his numbers so any effort to help would be great and sincerely appreciated! And of course, once published, JP will retain 3% of all book sales!