On Wednesday November 23rd the Centre hosted the Wild Game Night ( Newfoundland Wild Game) with Jeremy Charles, and Jeremy Bonia of Raymond’s Restaurant and the Merchant. This event was a silent auction offering at Hot Soup Cool Jazz. All accounts suggest that this was a superb evening which included a five course meal, wine and entertainment. The successful bidder for dinner for 30 was Mr. Ches Crosbie.



On Wednesday November 23, 2016, my husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful evening with 30 of our friends at the Jimmy Pratt Outreach Centre. Jeremy Charles, executive chef at renowned Raymond’s restaurant, produced a fantastic five-course meal featuring Newfoundland delicacies like caribou, moose, rabbit and fresh cod, and Jeremy Bonia, sommelier extraordinaire, paired each course with a perfectly matched wine. Denis Parker played a set of Blues music, which inspired even octogenarians to dance! The church hall was nicely set up, and lacked no essentials as a venue. In fact it added to the tone of the event, and served as a reminder that not everyone is as fortunate as we.

We were very pleased with the whole affair, and think it a wonderful way to support the community. Thanks to “Hot Soup, Cool Jazz”!


Lois Hoegg and Ches Crosbie

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